Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient, holistic form of healing often nicknamed “lazy man’s yoga”.

A Thai massage therapist will  use their body to leverage a client through different yoga positions on a special padded floor mat.

Techniques such as compression, rocking, breathing and stretching all work together to improve circulation, and clear blockages in the lines of energy within the body called “sen” lines.

Like a healthy yoga practice, a Thai massage will leave the client feeling loose and flexible, and a sense of increased energy, overall health and well being.

Thai Massage is ideal for everyone as the sessions are customized for each individual according to their unique lifestyle, history, temperament and specific needs.

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The Perfect Valentines Day Date to celebrate your relationship with your lover, or even your favourite friend!
Join Katie Phang, a certified Thai Massage Practitioner, and YTT 200 teacher, as she guides you and your partner to learn easy, beginner style Thai Yoga Massage techniques through demonstrations and hands-on practice to complete a 30 minute sequence. The uniqueness of this beautiful, ancient form of massage as compared to other modalities, such as Swedish, or spa type of massages, is in the approach to gently moving, stretching and opening the body. Another key point of difference is that the Thai Massage recipient lies on the floor on a mat, as opposed to on a table, enabling the giver to move their own bodies around more freely, safely and effectively. We will learn the basic principles of body alignment, body posture, and how to use different body parts such as elbows, arms, hands, and feet to stretch and move energy along the Sen lines. This small group setting will allow for plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and get feedback/assistance when learning these new moves.

Be prepared to come away with:

– feeling like you’ve shared a fun, new experience with your sweetie
– a handout of the 30 min sequence to follow at home
– a blissed out feeling after giving and receiving the magical touch of Thai massage

No previous experience required

$75/couple (incl HST)
@ Yoga Shala Unionville
16 Fonthill Blvd
647 296 1727

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Pre-registration is mandatory – pls e-mail